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Become an Introducer 

We take pride in providing a proactive, prompt, and professional service. That means you and your clients have one less thing to worry about during the sale and/or purchase of their property.

How we can add value to your business  

Your clients trust you to secure the best price for their property. Like you, they want a reliable buyer with the funds in place to move quickly. Our clients look to us to secure the right funding, on the right terms, so that they’re able to buy. That’s why we believe we’re a natural fit for your business when it comes to client referrals. 

We can support you by: 

  • qualifying prospective purchasers (identifying those who can’t buy)
  • sourcing great mortgage deals on competitive terms – including complex cases
  • finding mortgage deals for purchasers who might otherwise struggle to secure funding
  • arranging rapid Decisions in Principle to help speed up decision making
  • arranging associated life and general insurances that cover all areas of risk
  • keeping all interested parties updated on progress towards the formal mortgage offer through our online tracking facility
  • accelerating your cash flow thanks to quicker, smoother property sales

This means you: 

  • avoid wasting time and effort on prospective purchasers who wouldn’t secure the required funding
  • enhance your brand by providing access to a comprehensive and competitive mortgage and insurance service
  • focus your energy on what you do best – helping people buy and sell properties
  • remove risk by using a compliant client referral process
  • remain fully informed to enable continuity of support for clients

Mutual benefits 

To establish a successful working relationship right from the start, it’s important to discuss and agree the nature of our business relationship, how clients can benefit and what we would each want to get out of it. This would include identifying any training that might be required at the outset, agreeing the process of identifying and introducing potential clients and agreeing on how best to keep all parties informed following an introduction.  

About us 

Status Mortgage Services was started with the aim of offering a personal, friendly, professional service through simple, trusted advice.   

Clients don’t have to worry about talking to lots of different people as they will have their own dedicated adviser throughout the whole process, available to visit them in their own home, at a time convenient to them to discuss their requirements.  Meeting the client, understanding their needs and aspirations, and having time to talk this through with them, helps get the most suitable mortgage and protection products for them. 

Our values 

Fair treatment of clients is central to the way we organise our business and review our performance. 

We provide clients with clear information and keep them up to date with progress during all work we carry out for them. 

We ensure clients know what we are going to do for them, and we deliver on our promises. We make sure clients understand the features and benefits of the plans we’ve implemented for them. We ask clients for feedback to ensure we’ve met the high standards that we measure ourselves against. 

Inspiring client confidence 

Our combined expertise will reassure your clients that their property transaction and mortgage and insurance needs are being properly looked after by trusted professionals, with their interests at heart. 

Our introducer case tracking system  

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